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Dear Cyndi - Thank you so much for your response. I can't think of anything to add because your words are so eloquent. My best wishes to you for love-filled New Year! Ken

I want to say how much I loved this , Ken. It spoke to me on so many levels. The Creating a family part is so wonderful and it has nothing to do with biology. It has to do with loving another person, be it a child or grown up, and welcoming them into your life. To teach and be taught. To mold and be molded. To be and to follow a good example. Personally, most of my family members are not biologically related. We all chose to live our life together no matter how long or short it may be. The only thing we get to take with us when we go from this world to the next... is our love and amazing memories of a life we all chose to live together.Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year!

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