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Corey, Thank you for your post. I think we all have to be reminded how hard it was to have our children when our journey was a difficult one. Yet, we must also admit how we are just as human as the next person, regardless of how our child was conceived!

Showing Kelley Coffey's video on your post reminded me of when I first saw this video last year. It was posted on one of the infertility blogs and it was quite heart-rending for me to watch. The message is such a powerful one. I researched and found that Kelly had one miscarriage and then, at 34 she became pregnant and delivered a boy in 2005. When she wrote the song, though, it was right after she had miscarried and the grief poured out of her into this song which she composed in the space of a few hours. I think that is what makes it all the more powerful, don't you? Being infertile does not make you any less a woman or man or couple and surviving infertility can happen in many ways, shapes and forms. That is what I hope my patients can come to understand.

You are The Perfect Mother Always-to all your kids, furry and otherwise.

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