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This is soooo interesting to me. My family carries high IQ (140's and above, mine is 148) and also have some mental-health issues. My son (conceived via IVF) has mild autism-spectrum tendencies (sensory-type and social and emotional issues) and so do I (same). I did actually marry a high-school sweetheart who (I would guess, though it's not been tested) has probably a higher-but-average IQ.

It seems to me to be almost common sense that at least the sensory and emotional issues of the autism spectrum run with higher IQ's...people of higher IQ's, in my observation, EXPERIENCE things more keenly than those of average to lower intelligence. I have mentioned certain ways I react to sensory triggers and the people who can understand what I'm saying (even to go so far as to WHERE something feels unpleasant) are generally people with higher IQ's (interestingly enough, I have NEVER met a pt/ot who can get what I'm saying). I'll be interested to find out when my son is more verbal (he's 2.5) if he indeed has the same physical cues for sensory triggers. Perhaps most people do not notice that pineapples are made of tiny grains and that sometimes when they tear apart it's a bit unpleasant, or that peaches have a grain around where the seed has been removed, but those with higher cognitive function, including observational power, do notice, and sometimes it bothers. Perhaps this is not a "sensitivity" so much as a brain-power issue that others are (blessedly?) without.

As for a recent study which linked fertility-medication-produced children and autism, I tend to think that 1) age is also a factor in autism and often infertility patients are older (we, though, are not), 2) infertile couples are already starting out "behind" genetically speaking...they are at least infertile and often have more issues, 3) parents having undergone medical treatment of any sort have learned to be their own advocates, and this applies also when their children start exhibiting other-than-normal behaviors and 4) with few states offering good infertility coverage mandates, I'd wager that many people who are able to afford treatments are higher-educated, higher-paid, and possibly higher-IQ. When they throw in a control group of younger, fertile people also undergoing ART, THEN perhaps I will pay attention.

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