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I love you sweetie. Thank you for everything YOU bring to this community and everything you share.
xo always

Corey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you so much! You are a gift not only to your family but to us "infertiles" out here, who appreciate your honesty, your caring, your sense of humor and your straight-ahead way of giving helpful information. aAnd you are hot at 55!

I am late on bday wishes, too, but Happy Birthday! And I would NEVER ever EVER have guessed you were 55. Ever. Seriously.

Happy Birthday Corey - I hope your birthday was amazing. I wouldn't have guessed you were 55. Not in a million years.

Thank you my dear friend Lisa! I am so grateful for you!!!!!
all my love

First of all, you are the most amazing-looking 55 year old birthday girl and bravo to you for letting the world know what 55 can look like. Secondly, if Aretha is reading (copy this to Twitter and Facebook) and feeling okay, cause it's no picnic in the park breaking your hip, maybe she will find a way to make it up to you.

"Aretha, can you sing Natural Woman to Corey on the phone for her birthday, please?"

What strikes me most, besides your disgruntled humour, is how appreciative you are of your life and the people in it, whether it's Dr Ben Sandler, your children or your friends. That's the best recommendation for growing older happily, healthily, and attractively.
Happy Birthday,

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