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This is an awesome post
Green Tea

Jenny, thank you so much for your candor. Please look into low carbohydrate eating. The insulin resistance/low carb/pcos connection is in my opinion, undeniable. Congratulations on your weight loss to date and good luck with everything.

A painful article to read, but I know it's true. I am an obese woman with PCOS. IVF resulted in the birth of my daughter in 2007. Unfortunately, the two frozen embryo transfers I've had this year failed and it's looking like IVF is my only option if I want to conceive again. I've been doing Weight Watchers since late January and I've reduced my BMI from 40.9 to 35.5 (it was 38.3 when I got pregnant the first time)and I'm still losing. I'm hoping and praying that weight loss may help me conceive naturally in the future or, at the very least, make another round of IVF less risky and improve the chance of getting pregnant.

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