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Thank you, Dr. Oliva for sharing both your personal as well as your professional perspective. The issues you raised also play-out in the legal arena. Donors and Intended Parents, at most clinics, enter into a contract, known as the Egg Donation Agreement, wherein the parties contemplate the terms of the agreement with the intention of anonymity. I think it is imperative, therefore, that those providing services to these otherwise "anonymous" parties provide information about how, perhaps, anonymity may be, in the long term, unreliable.

The fact that we have a professional with Dr. Oliva's credentials taking her expertise and applying it in a social context, the fact that there is follow-up that brings into the discussion certain legal issues underscores the fact that alternative family formation truly is a tri-part endeavor with medical/clinical, psychosocial and legal implications. All three disciplines need to work closely so that those families formed through ART are best protected.

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