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Hello,Nice to meet you.I was surfing and found your blog post...nice. I think so truly a heartwarming story.I'm looking forward to see your future posts.

Is it not amazing to consider where time has taken us and what is now offered to us as we try to understand and diagnosis infertility? Although there is not much she can do at 97, I am sure "knowing" and having an answer to her questions about her personal childlessness can certainly add some closure and peace. I am grateful for women like your grandmother!

Thank you, Karen, for your kind comments. You are right regarding the tipped uterus however, at that time and place, the information offered a piece of mind and of course there was no reason to investigate further although we did joke about it! ;-)

Truly a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing a bit of your precious grandmother's history with us. Although a tipped or tilted uterus is not a cause of infertility, per se, a tilted uterus may be a symptom of endometriosis or pelvic adhesions. I continue to be amazed how far we've come since your grandmother's reproductive years. Thank you and thank God.

Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP
Chair Emerita, AFA Board of Directors

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