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Has anyone heard else had breakouts and acne because of PCOS? I have had acne all over my chest and back for years, and didn’t know it was related to my PCOS. I just found this great article about it. http://www.wellnesswithrose.com/articles/PCOSandAcne.asp Just thought I would pass this along!

I just found out that PCOS causes acne and breakouts, and not just on your face, body acne too! Has anyone else heard of this? My friend passed this article along to me. She cleared her breakouts that she had from PCOS that were covering her whole chest following what it says in this article: http://www.wellnesswithrose.com/articles/PCOSandAcne.asp

I just found out that my PCOS is what has been causing my acne! Has anyone else heard of this? There is a great article on it here: http://www.wellnesswithrose.com/articles/PCOSandAcne.asp

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